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Modpack Update

Boltingslash tag posted Apr 10, 14
Hello SevenVolts members,

A small update has been added:

industrialcraft 2 2.0.394 to 2.0.397(final for 1.6.4)

Well that all for now. :P

Modpack notice.

Boltingslash tag posted Apr 5, 14
In this big update some of the mods got revamped some of your designs got deleted because of the block ids/names got changed its out of my hands. Atlease there no recreating the world. Before I update summit some of your mod ideas in the forums.
AceLucky2012 Mo Add Ender IO, it's much easier to have cables in one block. I'm sure you saw the mod spotlight on it.
AceLucky2012 Mo That's fine, I can fix my buildings.

Modpack update

Boltingslash tag posted Apr 4, 14
I added two more mods to the modpack.

We have now:

Mad Science
Wireless Redstone: Chicken Bones Edition

Was removed:
Mob Dismemberment - Amd graphic card have issues with rendering mobs, therefor it was removed for now it might be back later on.

I hope you all have fun building awesomeness designs. :)
Bolt, you might want to fix your server/computer.
They were talking about removing the id on the items with different codes or I must have misheard it what Calc said on the video...
it might be in a update of resonant inductions. I have problems when I update a mod with a new block id. It Conflicts with a other id or crushes the server due its a dev version.
Nevermind, PR3 is Pre-Release v3. My bad. DX
Oh that's reminds me, we don't even have the Fluid System in our Resonant Induction PR3. XD
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