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shoutbox and html has been disabled by enjin.

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Boltingslash @ SevenVoltLegacy
posted Jun 18, 14
Please use the forums for now until I get a new social app to replace it. Or I was thinking of not using enjin and go on back to building on a website on my own. without html or shoutbox can't design my website to the way I want it to be and now the whole enjin community(well the free websites users) is forced to be more limited just because what Google did to enjin. It doesn't pay to upgrade if your website has a small community. 

New Planet Explorer server

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Boltingslash @ SevenVoltLegacy
posted May 29, 14
Hello everyone,

I just setup a Planet Explorer server and its a private server. I don't want to give it out to everyone. Just PM me if you got the game. The world name is called "BoltsServer" I might make the password noticeble though rank "member" on the post. At the moment I put a temp password on the Planet Explorer server. And Planet Explorer is a game like minecraft where you can build on a alien planet, however the game is not blocky like minecraft is but the offer a fun environment to explore and build! 

Still no updates on the modpack update delay status.

Well happy trails tell next time,

Edited on 5/24/14

Modpack Update

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Boltingslash @ SevenVoltLegacy
posted Apr 10, 14
Hello SevenVolts members,

A small update has been added:

industrialcraft 2 2.0.394 to 2.0.397(final for 1.6.4)

Well that all for now. :P
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