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On july 29, there is a free upgrade to windows 10. Make sure your windows is up to date with window updates and your system is windows 7, 8, 8.1. there will be a windows logo on the right bottom side were your startup programs our. If you found the icon then reserve you copy to windows 10 and make sure you enter you email when reserving your copy. Then your done and the waiting begins.

I am still waiting for plugins and mods to update to 1.8 of Minecraft.

AceLucky2012 tag I can't wait to get our old gang back together.
JustEli tag The Windows update 'Service Pack 1' fails to install for me every time. So I haven't got that icon at the bottom. ;p

Hello everyone, ༼ ಥل͟ಥ ༽

I am building to 1.7.10 of my beta modpack! I got a build of a hosting file from cauldron before they taken it down for DCMA. ( Luckly me :D ) I am replacing mods with there new versions, if some of the mods are not for 1.7.10, don't worry, I'll wait later on for it to update. Maps might carry over and some won't. If you still have my beta link of modpack from 1.6.4 The link will be still good to receive the 1.7.10 build of my beta modpack.

10/10/14 Update: I formatted my pc for testing out Windows 10 Preview. Don't worry I have my stuff on the second hard drive. From the look of windows 10 preview version I like the UI now that the metro start screen is now gone!!! >:D | Back to my modpack I need one more mod thats in my 1.6.4 I tried the dev version of Resonant Induction and it crashed my modpack when I use the search feature of the creative menu. I removed the mod but waiting for it to update so I can move to building on to my hosting feature. :P

2/22/15 Update: I am gonna idle on updating the modpack. I want to wait for 1.8 version of the mods. I might continue with 1.7 and push for 1.7 public version of the modpack and stop, but for now I am gonna wait. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

JustEli tag I was also planning to use the windows 10 preview but i was scared my documents and stuff would disappear or something.

Modpack update

Boltingslash tag posted Sep 7, 14
This a small update to my modpack I have added mods into the modpack.

Mods that been added:

Carpenter's Blocks v3.2.5
Compact Display HUD added on 9-12-14
Death Counter added on 9-27-14
Galacticraft? :D
ShaderMod added on 9-28-14

More to come soon. :)

P.S for new users - If you don't know how to install my modpack. There is information on my website a how to guide to installing my modpack. Click on this link and get started. If you need more help installing this modpack, please, send me a pm I am happy to help. :)
JustEli tag When will the server be back online? ...
AceLucky2012 tag Yeah, add Galacticraft. ...