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Modpack update

Boltingslash tag posted Sep 7, 14
This a small update to my modpack I have added mods into the modpack.

Mods that been added:

Carpenter's Blocks v3.2.5
Compact Display HUD added on 9-12-14
(mod to be announce)
(mod to be announce)

More to come soon. :)

P.S for new users - If you don't know how to install my modpack. There is information on my website a how to guide to installing my modpack. Click on this link and get started. If you need more help installing this modpack, please, send me a pm I am happy to help. :)

I am running a Emergency Maintenance on the main server pc. The following services will be down for the time being.

- Teamspeak
- Minecraft Server
- Planetexplorer Server

A backup server pc will be up for the following services:

- Minecraft Server

Update: I completed the maintenance on the server. My minecraft server will be still on the backup pc for now, as I will start updating the server with a new spawn location with new mod coming soon.

- Boltingslash(Server/Website Owner)
Hello everyone,

I just setup a Planet Explorer server and its a private server. I don't want to give it out to everyone. Just PM me if you got the game. The world name is called "BoltsServer" I might make the password noticeble though rank "member" on the post. At the moment I put a temp password on the Planet Explorer server. And Planet Explorer is a game like minecraft where you can build on a alien planet, however the game is not blocky like minecraft is but the offer a fun environment to explore and build! 

Still no updates on the modpack update delay status.

Well happy trails tell next time,

Edited on 5/24/14

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